Stormwater and the Environment

Rainfall run off from land features including natural or artificial surfaces, such as roads and roofs, is generally referred to as stormwater.  Stormwater may be captured by natural drainage systems or may be piped into constructed stormwater systems typically found in the urban environments.   Regardless of the system of capture, the pathway of all stormwater is to the district’s waterways and ultimately the sea.

Stormwater is usually not treated in any way.  In order to protect the environment and manage how we use the land in a sustainable way, Council has rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP) controlling stormwater discharges.  Section 36.4 relates to stormwater. 

Tasman Resource Management Plan, Section 36.4

Council is developing and promoting low impact design of urban stormwater systems for application at neighbourhood, subdivision and individual site scales. This is done through urban design policies and subdivision and building rules in the TRMP, and through the Council's Engineering Standards and Stormwater Activity Management Plan.

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Our Homes and Streams are Connected

Council Stormwater Services

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Uncontrolled Stormwater Surface Run-off