Water Resource Management

This page sets out the Tasman District Council approach to sustainable water management. Sustainable allocation limits for water will allow for continued use while protecting and enhancing the life-supporting capacity of waterbodies and their ecosystems.

Legislative Requirements

This section outlines the legislative requirements around the taking, diversion and use of water, for any purpose as a permitted activity or consented water use. This includes irrigation and domestic water supply.

Resource Consent Water Meter Return

Read how to submit water meter returns and/or submit an online water meter reading.

Water Catchment Management

Find out about the district's water management zones and their water consumption history, and read about the Fresh Water and Land Advisory Groups (FLAGs) and Water User Committees.

Water Rationing and Restrictions

Keep up to date with any water rationing and restriction information, find your local water user committee members and learn about the functions of the dry weather task force.

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