Legislative Requirements for Water Resource Management

The Resource Management Act (RMA) provides for the Council set rules under the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP) around the taking, diversion or use of water, for any purpose as permitted activity or consented water use, including irrigation and domestic water supply.

The Government has also introduced National Regulations regarding the measurement and reporting of Consent for fresh water takes above five litres per second.

How to Obtain Water for Use

Learn more about the rules and restrictions controlling the taking and use of water. Find out how you can go about obtaining rights to part of the water resource.

Measuring and Reporting Water Takes - National Regulation

Learn about the National Regulation on measuring and reporting water takes, Industry Accreditation for installation and verification procedures, and find answers to frequently asked questions about how the National Regulations affect water users.

Waiting Lists for Fully Allocated Zones

Learn about the waiting list process for obtaining water from fully allocated aquifers.

Water Resource Consent Requirements

Learn how to manage your Resource Consent requirements, and how Council monitors and manages water in our aquifers, dams and rivers.