Water Catchment Management

This section explains water management in the Tasman District.

The Council sets overarching policies for the whole District and defines water management catchments. Council then manages the allocation of water from interconnected water bodies by establishing water management zones within catchments.  The zones may include both surface and groundwater bodies which have common policies and rules.

The Council sets sustainable allocation limits for surface waters, including minimum flow regimes and allocation limits per water management zone (maximum allocatable volumes or flow rates).

In some catchments water management is assisted by Fresh Water and Land Advisory Groups (FLAGs).

Dam or no-dam Scenarios for Waimea Plains Water Takes

This page provides an overview of the Waimea Plains Water Management provisions in the Tasman Resource Management Plan. The Plan describes what happens if there is - or isn't - a dam.

Water Management Partnerships (FLAGs)

This section lists groups that the Council partners with to help manage the water resources in the District, and the agendas, notes, presentations and information from these meetings.

Water User Committees

Find your water user committee members and chairperson.

This section explains water management in the Tasman District.