Takaka Fresh Water and Land Advisory Group

This page lists membership of the Takaka Fresh Water and Land Advisory Group (FLAG). It also provides background information, the terms of reference for the group and outputs from the FLAG process.

Latest FLAG update - Summary report available

We are seeking public feedback on the Takaka FLAG Summary Report. Email Lisa McGlinchey to submit feedback, or contact one of the FLAG members directly.

PLEASE NOTE: due to public request we are extending the deadline for feedback on the report to 31 January 2017.

Staff have compiled a report on behalf of FLAG summarising all the FLAG work and interim decisions made since the group started in 2014. The summary report outlines the process undertaken by FLAG, and the approach being proposed for managing water in the Takaka catchments, including water allocation and management of water health, including water quality and riparian and aquatic habitat. 

Some key points from the summary report:

  • The area included covers all of the Takaka River catchment and its tributaries, and all catchments from Tukurua to Wainui
  • Eight key values and uses of water have been identified, along with management objectives for these:
    • Cultural and spiritual
    • Ecosystem health
    • Municipal and domestic water supply
    • Fishing and food gathering
    • Livelihood and economic use
    • Natural form and character
    • Recreation - including swimming
    • Hydro-electric power generation
  • Further allocation of water is proposed in some areas where it is considered ecologically sustainable
  • Flows in rivers during dry periods are to be protected through cease take provisions for consented, consumptive water takes
  • Te Waikoropupu is Wahi Tapu (sacred place) of great importance to iwi and the local community. Flows at Te Waikoropupu Springs are to be protected through a combination of cease take requirements in catchments that contribute flow to the springs aquifer
  • Management of water quality in all areas is proposed to focus on:
    • requirement for good land use practice from all users - focusing on risks from sediment, effluent, nutrient, water use and stream (riparian) management
    • exclusion of stock (cattle, deer, pigs) from water bodies
    • management of on-site wastewater
    • promotion and support of further stream restoration
    • monitoring and adaption of management to maintain good or excellent water quality and improve degraded water quality
  • The water allocation and water quality aspects are proposed to be implemented through changes to policy and rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan, and through other non-regulatory methods, such as monitoring, advocacy and education.
  • Further work is required on the implementation methods and consensus is still being sought on some aspects.

Other ways to provide input:

A public open day is being planned for early March 2017, so people can come and discuss the proposals with FLAG members and Council staff. Details of this will be advertised in the new year.

Over the next few months FLAG and staff will be discussing the proposed management approaches with local iwi and will be talking to local farmers about the interim decisions. 

Staff will also be developing the first draft of the plan change and draft implementation plan, based on the interim FLAG decisions. FLAG will review the draft plan change and review their interim decisions to date considering the feedback received. The FLAG are aiming to make their recommendations to Council in mid-2017.  Once the Council decides to notify the plan change there will also be a further opportunity to provide a submission on the proposed changes via a public process.



The Council has set up a Freshwater and Land Advisory Group (FLAG) for the Takaka River Catchment.  This will enable greater involvement by the community and stakeholders in developing the water quantity and quality management provisions for Takaka water resources including the Takaka River and its tributaries, ground waters within the limestone and alluvial aquifers, and adjacent coastal streams.

The purpose of the group will be to consider the existing and potential future water quantity and quality challenges in the Takaka water management area and develop solutions for managing water allocation and the water quality effects of land use activities. The advisory group will prepare and recommend to Council draft planning provisions including policy and rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan.


The Council’s Environment and Planning Committee selected the Advisory Group members from the nominations received from people with a significant interest in water management in the Takaka area, and appointed representatives from local iwi and the Council. In their selection, Council considered:

  • the geographic spread of members;
  • knowledge of the range of water body uses and values; and
  • the ability of the applicants to work in a collaborative, consensus-seeking manner.

Takaka Fresh Water and Land Advisory Group Members

  • Graham Ball
  • Greg Anderson
  • Kirsty Joynt
  • Mirka Langford
  • Tony Reilly
  • Mik Symmons
  • Mike Newman
  • Piers MacLaren
  • Matt Rountree
  • Margie Little (Iwi representative)
  • Martine Bouillir (co-opted member)

Download biographies of the members:

Meeting Agendas, Notes and Presentations

Takaka FLAG Meeting Agendas, Notes and Presentations

This page lists meeting agendas, notes and presentations. It is organised in date order.


FLAG Outputs

The Takaka FLAG have identified the key values of water in the Takaka catchments and developed draft management objectives to guide their decision making for development of water quantity and quality management provisions that will be added to the Plan. This framework is a series of statements outlining what the community value about the Takaka catchments and the vision for the future.

The FLAG sought feedback on this document from the public, local iwi and stakeholders to ensure they had captured a representative view on behalf of the community. The Values and Management Objectives have been used by the group in establishing the approaches for managing water allocation and water health.  This work is summarised in a report which outlines the process undertaken by FLAG and the interim decisions made since 2014.

Previous FLAG Updates

Previous updates from FLAG are available below.  The content of these may have been superseded by more recent information - for the latest information see the latest FLAG update.

Background Information

A copy of the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group is available below:

In April 2016, the Council submitted on the Next Steps for Fresh Water consultation which proposed amendments to the NPS-FM. Read Council's submission below:

Check out Council's programme for the implementation of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management:

View the map of the Takaka Water Management Catchments:

Download bibliography of key reference documents:

Ask a question or contact the group

  • Lisa McGlinchey Coordinator Natural Resources Policy and FLAG co-ordinator