Water Rationing and Restrictions    

The Council continually monitors and manages the district’s water resource. This page details any current restrictions and how the Council works with the community to decide if restrictions are needed.

Current Water Rationing and Restrictions

There are currently no restrictions in place.

About  Restrictions

When conditions are dry and there is a risk of low river flows and/or seawater intrusion into aquifers, the Council considers water use restrictions for water use through a forum called the Dry Weather Task Force (DWTF). The DWTF is made up of water user representatives and Council staff.

Water rationing and restrictions can be placed on both domestic users and users drawing water as part of a resource consent.

Emergency Restrictions

During an emergency, the Council may restrict or prohibit the use of water for any specified purpose, for any specified period, and for any or all of its customers. Such restrictions shall be advised by public notice. The Council may enact penalties over and above those contained in the Water Supply Bylaw conditions to enforce these restrictions.

The decision to make and lift restrictions and to enact additional penalties shall be made by the Council, or where immediate action is required, by the Engineering Manager of Tasman District Council.

Read about Domestic Water Supply Information

Further Information

For further information about your water management zone or rationing stages, please contact the Council Compliance Team

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