Community Outcomes

This page lists the Joint Community Outcomes of Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council which both Councils adopted as part of their respective Long Term Plans 2015-2025.

  1. Our unique natural environment is healthy and protected.
  2. Our urban and rural environments are people-friendly, well-planned and sustainably managed.
  3. Our infrastructure is efficient, cost effective and meets current and future needs.
  4. Our communities are healthy, safe, inclusive and resilient.
  5. Our communities have opportunities to celebrate and explore their heritage, identity and creativity.
  6. Our communities have access to a range of social, educational and recreational facilities and activities.
  7. Our Council provides leadership and fosters partnerships, a regional perspective and community engagement.
  8. Our region is supported by an innovative and sustainable economy.

 Tasman also adopted a set of Commuity Outcome descriptors as part of its Long Term Plan 2015-2025.

Download the Council Vision and Community Outcomes