Annual Plan 2016/2017

photoWelcome to Council’s Annual Plan for the 2016/2017 year. 

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In this year’s Annual Plan you’ll see that we’re sticking strongly to the programmes and budgets set out in the Long Term Plan 2015-2025. The key issues that we signalled are still the key issues.

Water challenges us on two counts – its frequent scarcity and occasional overabundance;Natural disasters need to be planned for and the recovery funded; Rates need to be more affordable and debt well managed; Sustained population growth needs to be well planned; and Regional opportunities to improve services across the wider region need to be taken especially with Nelson City.

There have been some changes to the capital works programme but nothing that is material. You can read about those changes in the section of the Annual Plan that deals with variances. We are forecasting that we will deliver a $32 million capital work programme, the same as 2015/2016. This shows our commitment to continue to invest in the future of the District.

The changes needed to reflect Council’s new financial position are all positive. That is thanks to strong population growth, lower debt, lower costs of borrowing and some operational savings.

In the Annual Plan 2016/2017 Council’s total rates income is only increasing by 1%*, which is well below the Long Term Plan 2015-2025 forecast of 2.96%* (*both figures exclude an allowance for growth).

We capped debt at a maximum of $200 million in the Long Term Plan 2015- 2025 and this Annual Plan sees us about $12 million under budget at $166.4 million. We’re achieving this without reducing the services we provide across our region.

Having said that, we got the message at the community meetings that we still have to perform in other ways. The issue wasn’t so much the big ticket items. Those we spoke to pointed out that our commitment to delivering core services needs to be more consistently demonstrated. That means ensuring the roadside grass is cut at the right times and the gravel roads adequately maintained among many other things.

Thank you again to everyone who provided feedback to this Annual Plan. It was reassuring to have most people endorse the prudent financial strategies Council is following. That was quickly followed by a firm reminder not to forget to do the small stuff well and to remember the commitment Council has made to priority projects like the Motueka library in future years and some asking for projects to be completed earlier.

The feedback has been considered. It has assisted Council with this Annual Plan and will also assist develop our work programmes for subsequent annual and long term plans.

Finally, we would like to thank staff and Councillors for their efforts in bringing together this Annual Plan.

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