Engagement Material

This section contains material that was distributed for public engagement on the Annual Plan 2016 / 2017 before it was adopted in May 2016.

richard lindsay annual plan 200pxOn Track to Achieve Tasman’s Long-term Goals: Tasman District Council Annual Plan 2016 / 2017

We’ve responded to calls to reduce rate and debt increases, and to provide consistent levels of service. We started doing this through the Long Term Plan for 2015-2025. Now with the Annual Plan 2016/2017, we’re continuing to see some of the benefits.

A lot of work went into developing the last Long Term Plan, in response to community concerns about Council debt and projected increases to rates. The Long Term Plan for 2015-2025 delivered a more positive forecast for the District’s finances than previous plans. Debt was capped at a maximum of $200 million, while rates income rises were limited to a maximum of 3% per annum.

The ink is still drying on that document, so we don’t plan to deviate from it – the strategies and targets we agreed with you remain in place. Favourable financial conditions and strong population growth mean that you’ll see more positive results than planned through the Long Term Plan 2015-2025. This gives us confidence that we are on a solid foundation, and we intend to stick to the existing programme of work, and levels of service.

The Annual Plan 2016/2017 will provide:

Lower Rates Rises

  • Total rates for most properties will rise by less than $1/week.
  • Council’s rates income rise will be 1%.
  • Stormwater and wastewater rates will rise for many urban residents.

Less Debt Than Forecast

  • Net Council debt is predicted to reach $166m, down from the $178m forecast.
  • Low interest rates, a strong starting position from 2014/2015 and a lack of adverse weather events have meant debt can be paid off faster.

Same Service

  • The quality and range of services we provide will not decrease.
  • Water supply and stormwater services will be improved for some residents.

Send Feedback

Tell us what you think…

We're not formally consulting but you can still let us know:

  • Are there projects you would like us to consider in the next rounds of planning?
  • Are there things we could do better, or more or less of in the future?
  • Are you happy with our approach to this Annual Plan?

Or you can call us, write, email, or come along to the community board or residents' association meetings or talk to us at one of the "In Your Neighbourhood" events (see below for timetable). We will be taking feedback between 11 March and 18 April 2016.

Annual Plan Information

This section contains material that was distributed for public engagement on the Annual Plan 2016 / 2017 before it was adopted in May 2016.

Key Documents

Annual Plan 2016-2017 - Newsline Supplement
This document is the four-page supplement delivered to all households via Newsline
Draft Funding Impact Statement 2016-2017
This document contains detailed rating information for the district, and maps.
Summary of Draft Financial Information
Summarised draft financial information including revenue, expenses, assets, equity and cashflow.
Tasman District Settlement Areas 2015-2025 - 2016 Addendum
Additional information which outlines projects for the coming financial year by ward.

Rates Search

Want to know how much your rates will be in 2016/2017?

Visit tasman.govt.nz/link/rates-search and enter your property details (address or valuation number) to see your current and proposed  future rates.

What is an Annual Plan?

The Annual Plan sets out what we will do, how much we plan to spend and what income we expect to receive during the 2016/2017 financial year. This annual review allows ratepayers to see how we are performing against the targets we set, in consultation with the community, in our comprehensive Long Term Plan. The Long Term Plan covers a 10-year period (the current plan is for 2015–2025) and is reviewed every three years. The Annual Plan 2016/2017 is Year 2 of the Long Term Plan 2015–2025.

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