InfoSheet: Joint Solid Waste Management Proposal

What is Being Proposed?

  • The proposal is for the landfills at York Valley (Nelson City Council) and Eves Valley (Tasman District Council) to be combined under a joint venture model with each council holding a 50% interest in the joint venture.
  • A payment to Nelson City Council to compensate for the higher value of York Valley Landfill of $4.2m.
  • Future surpluses, capital and operating costs would be split fairly between the two councils.
  • The proposed joint entity will be modelled on the Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit which has looked after both councils’ interests in the Regional Sewerage Scheme successfully since 1989.


  • Substantial investigation and independent advice has consistently shown that joint use of Nelson’s York Valley landfill, then subsequent use of Eves Valley landfill in Tasman is convincingly the most cost-effective approach for each council.
  • Joining the operations and management of two councils’ landfills makes the most effective and efficient use of them.
  • We’ve got a Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan with Nelson that we’ve been trying to put to effect since April 2012.
  • The proposal also provides a number of specific benefits:
    • No need to invest significant capital in the next 15 years at Eves Valley
    • Less administration costs in the short term for Eves Valley
    • Shared capital costs
    • Greater return on investment for both district’s ratepayers
    • Lower commercial risk for the councils, and
    • Better management of the region’s waste

What Next?

  • The Council want to know what our residents and ratepayers think about this proposal before making a decision.
  • Depending on the outcome of consultations the joint venture is proposed to commence on 1 July 2017.