Major Projects for 2016/2017

This page outlines major projects for the coming year.

  • Our major capital works programme remains largely unchanged.
  • Costs are based on Long Term Plan 2015–2025, Years 1–3, unless otherwise specified.

Major projects include:

Richmond Central improvements and Queen Street Reinstatement projects:

Due to start in late 2016, these projects involve upgrading many of the underground services along Queen Street between Salisbury and Gladstone Roads, and improving how stormwater is managed on the street (cost: $13.7m).

We know that pulling up parts of the roads and footpaths will disrupt some visitors and businesses, so for this reason we are looking to reduce the number of times this will need to happen by combining much of the work at once. Reinstatement options for the pedestrian areas and roads are also being looked at.

Over the summer, we have been talking to residents about ideas to widen the pedestrian areas, increase street plantings and narrow the road. You’ll hear more about this project during 2016.

Recreation Facilities:

Construction of the Golden Bay Community Recreation Facility is expected to be completed in November 2016 (Council contribution: $3.2m).

This multi-use recreation and community facility has come about after a huge community effort and will serve many of the clubs and organisations in Golden Bay.

We also expect the Saxton Field Velodrome will be completed in December 2016 (cost: $1.6m); and extension of Tasman’s Great Taste Trail to reach Kohatu (cost: $1.8m).


Several stormwater projects will be occurring around Richmond to address recent flooding.

Work will continue on Borck Creek, Richmond so that the risks of flooding are reduced and the Richmond West area can be developed for residential purposes (cost: $3.1m).


The Motueka Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade will continue and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016 (total cost: $8m).

The replacement of the Kaiteriteri wastewater pipeline project will get underway in 2016, replacing a wastewater main running through the Bay with a land based main, (cost: $3.9m).


Construction of a new reliable water supply for Wakefield will get underway so that the township can have water that meets the NZ Drinking Water Standards, as well as providing for growth (cost: $4.1m).

Solid Waste

In April 2012 Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council approved a Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan. That Plan included a goal to jointly make the most effective and efficient use of the councils’ respective landfills, York Valley and Eves Valley. Substantial investigation and independent advice has consistently shown that joint use of Nelson’s York Valley landfill, then subsequent use of Eves Valley landfill benefits ratepayers of both councils and is the most cost-effective approach for each council. We consulted on this joint approach in 2014.

Since then, further work on the project has resulted in a proposal for the two landfills to be operated under a joint venture model with each council having a 50% share. As Nelson’s landfill has a higher value this will require a $4.2m payment from Tasman District Council to compensate.

The proposed joint entity will be modelled on the Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit which has successfully looked after both councils’ interests in the Regional Sewerage Scheme for the past 15 years.

Nelson City Council is consulting on the proposal through its Annual Plan. We will be talking to our community through this Annual Plan process, and will investigate the need to amend our Long Term Plan. Depending on the outcome of consultations the joint venture will commence on 1 July 2017.

Waimea Community Dam Project

The Council is committed to finding a secure water solution for the Waimea basin. We are continuing to work with potential funding partners and the Waimea Community Dam Ltd to secure the funds needed for the project.

We are seeking greater certainty about the cost of the Dam through a tender process in order to have a fully informed discussion with Tasman residents on whether or not to proceed. You can expect to hear more from us about options for funding and ownership over the coming year.