Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

This page details the Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.


The collaborative plan was approved by both Councils in April 2012 and recognises the cross-boundary issues each Council faces in waste management and minimisation. The plan provides common goals, objectives and policies across the region, to reduce waste and increase recycling. There is also flexibility for each council to choose different methods to achieve results.


The Nelson City Council and the Tasman District Council (the Councils) have a statutory responsibility to promote effective and efficient waste minimisation and, for this purpose, to adopt a waste management and minimisation plan.

As required by the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, the Councils carried out a waste assessment. The Councils each made a decision that a Joint Waste Management plan be developed.

The proposed plan was developed after the Joint Waste Assessment was completed, and sent out for public consultation between December 2011 and January 2012. Hearings were held in February 2012, and the final plan approved in April 2012.

The plan is reviewed every six years.