Motueka Aerodrome Plan

The Council has prepared a management plan and a development plan for Motueka Aerodrome.

The purposes of the plans are to coordinate the aerodrome's use, operations, maintenance and developments safely, efficiently and in cooperation with the aerodrome operators. The management plan addresses issues such as permitted and discretionary uses of the aerodrome, management objectives, conditions for the operation of businesses, environment as well as health and safety issues.

The development plan sets out the parameters of acceptable growth for the aerodrome including the provision of proposed development areas, including criteria for any future buildings etc.

These plans do not cover activities outside the envelope of the aerodrome.

While an increase or decrease in future activity at the aerodrome may impact on the numbers and frequency of aircraft using the airspace in and around the aerodrome, the use of the airspace is not addressed in these plans as the Council, in its role as owner and operator of the aerodrome, does not control airspace.

Motueka Aerodrome Management Plan