Reserves General Policies and Reserve Management Plans

The Tasman District Council Reserves General Policies document and Reserve Management Plans set out the objectives and policies for all parks and reserves administered by the Tasman District Council.

The Reserves General Policies document has been prepared to consolidate policies that apply to all reserves. This allows a consistent approach to reserve management and removes the need for policies to be repeated in omnibus or site-specific management plans. This policy document is a ‘living document’ setting out the policies which shall direct the use and management of Tasman District’s Reserves for the next 10 years.

The purpose of reserve management plans is to ensure that both the management and development of reserves in the Tasman District are compatible with the purposes of their reservation. The plans identify the appropriate uses for each reserve, state how conflicting uses are to be managed and outline any development proposals.

Golden Bay Ward Reserves Management Plan - June 2003 Lakes Murchison Ward Reserves Management Plan 2005 Memorial Park Management Plan 1997 Motueka Ward Reserves Management Plan - December 2001 Moturoa/Rabbit Island Reserve Management Plan 2016 Moutere-Waimea Ward Reserves Management Plan - August 2000 - updated 2017 Reserves General Policies - September 2015 Reserves Management Plan Summary Richmond Ward Reserves Management Plan - March 1999 Tata Beach Reserves Management Plan - September 2007 Waimea River Park Management Plan August 2010

Read and download management plans for our reserves.

Able Tasman Foreshore Scenic Reserve Management Plan 2012-2018

This plan is a joint plan with the Department of Conservation.

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