Tasman Housing Accord

This page explains the purpose of the Tasman Housing Accord and its targets for delivering increased housing supply and better affordability of homes. One of the ways this is done is by identifying specific sites that are suitable for new housing. These sites are called Special Housing Areas. Originally signed in 2015, the Tasman Housing Accord was updated in 2017.


The Accord sets out the Council’s commitment to supporting an adequate supply of land and a healthy mix of residential living options for housing. The aim is increasing the supply and affordability of homes in the Tasman District.


Annual Targets

The Accord sets new annual targets for the Tasman District Council for consenting new residential dwellings and gives the Council the ability to recommend the establishment of Special Housing Areas to the Minister for Building and Construction.

The new targets will mean the Council is working to provide 1100 new houses over the next three years.

Lead Policy

The Council has developed a lead policy that sets out how it will consider requests for special housing areas (SHA). The policy has a set of over-riding principles that set the context for decision making. The policy itself sets out the process the council will follow and the criteria it will use to guide its decision making on requests for SHAs. 

Special Housing Areas

The following Special Housing Areas have been proposed to the Tasman District Council.

The first tranche of applications was considered by Council on 22 June 2017.

Subsequent applications have been considered by Council as follows:

  • 22 March 2018 - 10 Chisnall St, Richmond (new proposal)
  • 14 June 2018 - amendment to Highland Drive SHA (reduction of minimum lots)
  • 9 August 2018 - amendment to Angelus Avenue SHA (increase in maximum building height)


Proposed Special Housing Areas

This page lists the Special Housing Areas in the next tranche of applications to be considered by Council.

Recommended Special Housing Areas

This page lists the Special Housing Areas that have been recommended to be established by Council to the Minister of Building and Construction.

Approved Special Housing Areas

This page lists gazetted Special Housing Areas in the Tasman District.

Declined Special Housing Areas

This page lists the Special Housing Areas declined by Council.

Applications for Special Housing Areas

This page provides a summary of process and time frames Council will follow when it considers applications for SHAs.

Urban Development Capacity Monitoring Reports

What are Special Housing Areas?

Special Housing Areas are sites that are suitable for new housing and able to be developed fast to increase housing supply. Development of these sites can be fast-tracked under the Housing Accord and Special Housing Areas Act 2011, through an accelerated resource consenting process. 

Special Housing Areas are proposed by landowners/developers, considered by Council and if supported by Council, submitted to the Minister of Building and Construction for a final decision. Under the current Housing Accord, Council and the Government will be able to consider applications for new Special Housing Areas up until September 2019.

Special Housing Areas can be established in areas where there is a clear demand for housing and where there is already suitable infrastructure in place (e.g. roads, wastewater systems, water supply pipes), or plans for it to be built. 

Developments do not need to be for low cost housing, affordable housing or social housing in order to be progressed through a Special Housing Area. However when recommending Special Housing Areas, Council may include criteria specifying maximum building height, the minimum number of dwellings and a measure for affordable houses.

Urban Development Capacity Monitoring Reports

This page contains quarterly Urban Development Capacity reports as required by the National Policy Statement (NPS) on Urban Development Capacity.

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