Tasman Regional Policy Statement 

The Tasman Regional Policy Statement (TRPS) is the strategic resource management plan to promote sustainable resource management in the Tasman District.

It was prepared by the Council in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991. It became operative on 1 July 2001. It contains the broad issues, objectives and policies for the District. It also includes methods of implementation; anticipated environmental results and performance monitoring indicators.

Te Tau Ihu Statutory Acknowledgements

Te Tau Ihu Statutory Acknowledgements is an attachment to the operative Tasman Resource Management Plan and the operative Tasman Regional Policy Statement.


Part 1 - Introduction and Interpretation

This part contains the background material in relation to the Tasman Regional Policy Statement (TRPS) document and contains material that assists with interpretation of the TRPS. There is material relating to the purpose of the TRPS, and also its scope. This introduces the issues that are addressed, and the relationship between the various resource management planning instruments. There is a glossary of specific terms used in the TRPS.

TRPS - Part 1: Introduction and Interpretation

Part 2 - General Objectives

This Part contains 10 general objectives which reflect the approach taken to the purpose and principles of the Resource Management Act 1991, and its key processes.

TRPS - Part 2: General Objectives

Part 3 - Significant Resource Management Issues in Tasman District

This Part contains 10 sections, each of which identifies a broad issue within the District. For each section there is an introduction, followed by specific issues.

Section 4 - Tangata Whenua Interests

This section addresses developing relationships between tangata whenua and Council, environmental management kaupapa and tikanga and commercial interests of iwi.

Section 5 - Urban Development

This section deals with the varied urban development issues in relation to the more than 30 small urban settlements in the District and the two larger towns – Richmond and Motueka.

Section 6 - Land Resources

This section introduces the issues relating to land resources in the District.

Section 7 - Fresh Water Resources

This section introduces the issues relating to fresh water in the District. Coastal water is addressed in the coastal environment section.

Section 8 - River and Lake Resources

This section introduces the issues relating to river and lake resources in the District.

Section 9 - Coastal Environment

This section introduces the issues in relation to the coastal environment of Tasman District.

Section 10 - Contamination and Waste

This section introduces the issues in relation to contamination and waste in the District.

Section 11 - Environmental Hazards

This section introduces the issues relating to natural environmental hazards as well as hazardous substances.

Section 12 - Other Significant Resource Management Issues

This section addresses energy and transport issues, objectives, policies and methods.

Section 13 - Resource Management Processes

This section introduces the resource management processes which are the various ways or procedures for carrying out responsibilities under the Resource Management Act (RMA), or by using other Acts.

TRPS - Part 3: Significant Issues

Part 4 - Monitoring and Review

This section sets out Council's approach to monitoring and review of the Tasman Regional Policy Statement.

TRPS - Part 4: Monitoring and Review