About the Plan

This page details the purpose and scope of the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP). It also explains the process of preparing and amending any part of the Plan.


The Plan (TRMP) has been prepared in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). It is the document the Council uses to manage land use, development and protection of the District's natural and physical resources for the benefit of all.

  • The purpose of the TRMP is to assist Council in carrying out its functions in order to achieve the purpose of the RMA.
  • The purpose of the RMA is to promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.


The main functions of the Council that are addressed in the TRMP are control of:
  • the effects of land use, development and protection, including soil conservation, water quantity and hazardous substances (as a regional council and as a territorial authority under Sections 30 and 31 of the RMA);
  • the effects of land subdivision (as a territorial authority); 
  • noise emissions (as a territorial authority); 
  • the effects of activities on the bed (as a regional council) and surface (as a territorial authority) of rivers and lakes
  • the effects of activities (except for fishing) in the coastal marine area (as a regional council); 
  • the taking, using, damming and diversion of water (as a regional council); 
  • the discharge of contaminants (as a regional council).

The Plan states objectives, policies and methods to achieve integrated management of various natural and physical resources in Tasman District.


The Plan was first publicly notified as a proposed plan on 25 May 1996. Since then, amendments as Variations to the proposed Plan have been notified. Since 1 November 2008, when individual parts of the Plan have become operative, amendments to these are called Changes. Changes to any part become operative as well. Variations are amendments to Changes.

All parts of the Plan (Land, Coastal Marine Area, Rivers and Lakes, Water and Discharges) are now operative, but with some proposed changes to them.


Discussion Documents and Draft Planning Proposals

From time to time, the Council releases discussion documents and investigation reports on resource management issues and options. Following community feedback, draft Changes may be prepared and released for further feedback. Draft Changes are then further modified and publicly notified as proposed Changes. Variations as amendments to Changes may follow a similar process. 

View a current discussion document or draft Change

Proposed Changes and Variations

Changes and Variations are proposed amendments to the TRMP that have been notified (advertised) for public submissions and have become, or proposed to become, part of the Plan. Some land use rules in proposed Changes do not have legal effect until decisions are notified. All other provisions in proposed Changes take effect from notification.

 View a proposed Change or Variation