Plan Change Projects

This section contains information about Plan change projects and processes. It is organised to follow the Plan change process from discussion to final adoption:

  • A discussion document or draft Plan Change is consulted on then, after feedback, is amended for public notification as a proposed Plan Change.
  • After submissions are received, processed and a hearing held on the submissions, decisions are made on the Plan Change and notified.
  • After any appeals are received and resolved, the Plan Change become operative.

Draft Changes and Planning Proposals

View a discussion document or draft Plan Change that is open for community feedback.

Proposed Changes

View a proposed Change or Variation that is open for submissions and follow its progress. NOTE: Each proposed Change or Variation includes summaries of submissions and decisions.

Operative Changes and Variations

The following Proposed Changes and Variations have been approved and become operative and the text of the Tasman Resource Management Plan has been updated to incorporate the amendments. These links are provided for reference purposes only.