Cyclone Gita - Updates from our Recovery Manager and NZTA

Read the latest from the Recovery Manager, plus details of increasing access to SH60 over Takaka Hill.

Draft Changes and Planning Proposals

These proposals may be discussion documents that raise various issues and options concerning resource management in the Tasman District.

They may also be draft Plan amendments (Variations or Changes). Technical reports with recommendations may also accompany the proposals for which Council also seeks community feedback. Current draft planning proposals are listed below.

Golden Bay Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes Feedback

Waimea Water Transition Management

The Council prepared Draft Plan Change 63 to address water allocation in Waimea Water Management zones in relation to water permit renewal during transitional periods. Feedback closed on 18 July 2016 and this DRAFT Plan Change has been superceded by PROPOSED Plan Change 63.

Brightwater Strategic Review - Draft Plan Change

The Council sought feedback from landowners and the public on a draft Plan change proposal to provide for future growth opportunities in Brightwater and to update the existing zoning pattern and some of the existing policies and rules. NOTE: This Draft Plan Change has been superseded by Proposed Plan Change 57.

Rural Land Use and Subdivision Policy Review - Draft Plan Change 54

The page provides the Draft Plan Change documents and includes a link to the public consultation page and the latest feedback which closed on 31 March 2015.

Upper Motueka Water Management Review - Draft Plan Change 52

The Council is consulting with water users and the public about a draft Plan change proposal that will update and review the water allocation limits in the Tapawera Plains Water Management Zone in Upper Motueka. NOTE: This Draft Plan Change has been superseded by Proposed Plan Change 52.

Richmond West Development Area: Issues Arising from Appeals

To address various technical inconsistencies and apply appropriate zoning for Borck Creek reserve in the Richmond West Development Area. NOTE: This Draft Plan Change has been superseded by Proposed Plan Change 37 and Proposed Plan Variation 3 to Change 10. The latter was made operative on 8 March 2014 along with the rest of Plan Change 10.