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Proposed Plan Change 63: Waimea Water Transition Management

This page contains the notified Change or Variation as well as supporting documentation, summaries of submissions received, and any decisions made for each Plan Change (as or when applicable at each stage of the process).

Current Status

The Proposed Plan Change has been approved by Council on 9 November 2017 and will commence as Operative on the date of the release of the next update of the Plan, expected to be in March 2018.

Plan Change Details and Documents

This Change has the purpose of extending the dates that govern water allocation restrictions through transitional periods over the next several years, both whether there is a Waimea Community Dam or not, and for those permits affiliated to the Dam or not affiliated. 

Date Notified: 24 September 2016
Submissions Closed: Tuesday 25 October 2016

Plan Change Evaluation Report Plan Change Text: Explanatory Statement and Sch of Amendments

Summary of Submissions and Copies of Submissions

Date Notified: 24 September 2016
Further Submissions Closed: Monday 27 February 2017

NOTE: You may submit a further submission if you have an interest in the proposed Plan change that is greater than the general public or if you represent a relevant aspect of the public interest. A further submission must be limited to matters in support of or in opposition to an original submission.

View the initial summary of submissions:

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