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This page contains the content of the text volume of the Plan to view or download. It also contains an order form for obtaining a paper copy of the Plan.

You can also view a paper copy of the Plan at the Richmond, Motueka and Takaka Council offices and libraries as well as the Nelson Public Library.

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Entire Plan

Individual Parts

Part I - Introductory
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Meaning of Words
Chapter 3 - Local Authority Cross-Boundary Issues
Chapter 4 - Monitoring and Review Procedures
Part II - Land
Chapter 5 - Site Amenity Effects
Chapter 6 - Urban Environment Effects
Chapter 7 - Rural Environment Effects
Chapter 8 - Margins of Rivers, Lakes, Wetlands and the Coast
Chapter 9 - Landscape
Chapter 10 - Significant Natural Values and Cultural Heritage
Chapter 11 - Land Transport Effects
Chapter 12 - Land Disturbance Effects
Chapter 13- Natural Hazards
Chapter 14 - Reserves and Open Space
Chapter 15 - Strategic Infrastructure and Network Utilities
Chapter 16 - General Rules
Chapter 17 - Zone Rules
Chapter 18 - Special Area Rules
Chapter 19 - Information Required with Land Use Consent or Subdivision Consent applications
Part II - Appendices
Part III - Coastal Marine Area
Part III Introduction
Chapter 20 - Effects of Craft Using the Surface of Coastal Waters
Chapter 21 - Effects of Disturbance, Structures and Occupation on Coastal Marine Conservation, Heritage, Access and Amenity Values
Chapter 22 - Aquaculture
Chapter 23 - Natural Hazards and Hazardous Substances
Chapter 24 - Noise Emissions
Chapter 25 - Coastal Marine Area Rules
Chapter 26 - Information Required with Coastal Permit Applications
Part IV - River and Lakes
Part IV - Introduction
Chapter 27 - Activities in Beds & on Surfaces of Rivers and Lakes
Chapter 28 - Rules for Activities in Beds of Rivers and Lakes
Chapter 29 - Information Requirements
Part V - Water
Part V - Introduction
Chapter 30 - Taking, Using, Damming and Diverting Water
Chapter 31 - Rules for Water Takes, Diversions, Uses or Dammings
Chapter 32 - Information Required with Permit Applications for Taking, Using, Damming or Diverting Water
Part V - Annexes
Part VI - Discharges
Part VI - Introduction
Chapter 33 - Discharges to Land and Fresh Water
Chapter 34 - Discharges to Air
Chapter 35 - Discharges to Coastal Marine Area
Chapter 36 - Rules for Contaminant Discharges
Chapter 37 - Information Requirements for Discharge Permit Applications
Part VI - Annexes


Order a copy of the TRMP

A physical copy of the Plan (either the text and/or the planning maps) can be prepared for purchase. The text is available for $250 or $265 (depending on the binder preferred) and the planning maps for $300. To order a copy, please complete the form below and return to:

Pam Meadows
TRMP Administrator
pam.meadows@tasman.govt.nz  OR  fax 03 543 9524  OR  Private Bag 4, Richmond, Nelson 7050

TRMP Order Form

NOTE:  Due to the size, complexity and number of updates incorporated in the Plan, fulfillment of an order may take some time to process .  Please refer to the online version in the meantime.

For further enquiries regarding a hard copy of the TRMP Contact Pam Meadows, TRMP Administrator

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