Tasman Resource Management Plan - Planning Maps

This page contains links to specific planning maps (including legends, map locators, etc) of the Tasman district.

NOTE: As the paper version of the maps have recently been rearranged in Volume 2 (planning maps) to correspond with Volume 1 (text) of the Plan, the relative webpages have been reconstructed accordingly. 

Volume 2 is now divided into four main parts. Click on a link below to view a specific Part or section of a Part.

Part II - Areas

Part II - Zones

Part II - Special Maps

Part II - Special Maps - Cultural Heritage Sites

Part III - Coastal Marine Area

Part V - Water

Part VI - Discharges

NOTE:  Part I (Introductory) and Part IV (Rivers and Lakes) contained in Volume 1 do not currently contain any content in Volume 2 and are therefore excluded above.

For planning maps relating to a proposed Change that are not included below, please refer to the specific Proposed Change.