Policies guide decision making. Read the Council's policies on a range of activities and responsibilities.


View bylaws created to control specific activities within the Tasman District.

Code of Practice - Recreational Use of Motorbikes

Guidelines on the use of recreational motorbikes, updated August 2012..

Council Policies

View the policies in place that govern how Council operates, and how the elected Council delegates responsibilities.

Development Contributions Policy

Read the policy that sets how and when development contributions are levied and paid.

Flying Drones and Other Unmanned Aircraft Over Council Land

This page outlines where you can and can't fly drones, model aircraft and other unmanned aircraft over Council land. Policy effective from 15 September 2015.

Earthquake Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy

Read the Council's policy on Earthquake Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings.

Enforcement Policies

Find out about policies, principles and guidelines used by Council staff who monitor or enforce rules and regulations in Tasman District.

Gambling Venue Policy

Read the Council's Gambling Venue Policy with regard to the impact of gambling within the District.

Guidelines for Best Practice

Find the Council's best practice guidelines for the use of sustainable resources.

Local Alcohol Policy

Read about Council's Local Alcohol Policy

Local Approved Psychoactive Products Policy

This policy details where retailers of psychoactive substances may operate in the district.

Nelson Tasman Positive Ageing Policy

View the combined Nelson Tasman Positive Ageing Policy.

Policy on Housing for Older Adults 2017

This policy governs Council's provision and management of housing for the elderly.

Roading Policies

Read policies covering access, road names, delineation, drains, spraying and more in this section.

Significance and Engagement Policy

Effective community engagement builds trust in Council decision making, while also increasing the Council’s awareness of issues in the community. This page contains the Taman District Council's Significance and Engagement policy, adopted on 20 November 2014.

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