Development Contributions Policy

Learn about development contributions and the process used to determine charges.

The purpose of the Development and Financial Contributions Policy is to ensure that those developing properties and who directly benefit pay their share of the growth related costs of that infrastructure.

If you are subdividing, building, connecting to Council’s services, or otherwise undertaking some kind of development in Tasman, you may need to pay development contributions. Development contributions apply to all developments:
  • Within the areas shown in the Development Contribution Area Maps in Schedule IV; or
  • That connect to Council’s water or, wastewater or stormwater services in the settlements outlined in Table 8, or rural extensions from these settlements;
  • Throughout the District in regards to transportation development contributions charges.

Development Contributions Notice

You will normally be issued a development contributions notice when your resource consent, building consent, certificate, or service connection is granted. In some cases, the notice may be issued earlier or later.

The notice is an important step in the process as it outlines the activities and the number of HUDs assessed for development contributions, as well as the charges that will apply to your development. It also triggers your rights to request a development contributions reconsideration or to lodge an objection.

Reconsiderations and Objections

If you think we have made a mistake in seeking development contributions from your development, you can request a reconsideration. You can also lodge a formal objection.


Reconsideration requests are a process that formally requires Council to reconsider its assessment of development contributions for your development. You can make a request for reconsideration if you have grounds to believe that:

  • The development contribution levied was incorrectly calculated or assessed under this Policy; or
  • We have incorrectly applied this Policy; or
  • The information we used to assess your development against this Policy, or the way that we have recorded or used that information when requiring a development contribution, was incomplete or contained errors.

To seek a reconsideration, you must:

  • Lodge your reconsideration request within 10 working days of receiving your development contribution notice.
  • Use the reconsideration form (found on and supply any supporting information with your form.
  • Pay the reconsideration fee at the time of application, as set out in Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Applications with insufficient information or without payment of fee will be returned to the applicant, with a request for additional information or payment.

Once you have provided Council with all required information and paid the reconsideration fee, your request will be considered by a panel of a minimum of two, and a maximum of three, staff. You will be notified of Council’s decision within 15 working days from the date on which Council receives all required relevant information relating to the request.


Objections are a more formal process that allow you to seek a review of Council’s decisions. A panel of up to three independent commissioners will assess the objection. The decisions of the commissioners are binding on Council.

You may make an objection only on the grounds that Council has:

  • Failed to properly take into account features of your development that, on their own or cumulatively with those of other developments, would substantially reduce the impact of the development on requirements for community facilities in the district or parts of the District; or
  • Required a development contribution for community facilities not required by, or related to, your development, whether on its own or cumulatively with other developments; or
  • Required a development contribution in breach of section 200 of the Local Government Act; or
  • Incorrectly applied this Policy to your development.

Schedule 13A of the Local Government Act sets out the objection process. If you wish to pursue an objection, you must:

  • Lodge your request for an objection within 15 working days of receiving notice to pay a development contribution, or within 15 working days of receiving the outcome of any request for a reconsideration.
  • Use the objection form (found on and supply any supporting information with your form.
  • Pay a deposit.

You are liable for all costs incurred in the objection process including staff and commissioner time, and other costs incurred by Council associated with any hearings.