Following consultation with Mayors, emergency services and other key agencies, it has been determined that the State of Emergency is no longer required.As at 12:00pm the State of Emergency has been terminated and shifted to a Notice of Transition.This notice of transition affects the Tasman District...

Cyclone Gita Update 008 -State of Emergency moves to Notice of Transition

Cyclone Gita Information - SH60 to open from Sunday pending final checks

News about limited, escorted access to SH60 over Takaka Hill from Sunday pending final checks.

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Rates Remission Policy

This section contains the Council's policy on remission of rates. This policy is effective from 1 July 2015.

The rates remission policy contains a number of policies that each outline objectives sought to be achieved by the remission of rates and the conditions and criteria to be met in order for rates to be remitted.

Policy on Remission of Rates for Land Subject to Council Initiated Zone Changes

This Policy is to allow Council, at its discretion, to remit rates charged on any rating unit used for residential purposes that is rezoned as a result of a Council initiated zone change.

Policy on Remission of Rates for Sporting, Recreation or Community Organisations

A policy to assist sporting, recreation or community organisations.

Policy on Remission of Uniform Charges on Non-Contiguous Rating Units Owned by the Same Ratepayer

This policy aims to provide relief from uniform charges for rural land which is noncontiguous, farmed as a single entity and owned by the same ratepayer.

Policy on Remission of Rates on Low Valued Properties

Policy on Remission of Rates for School Wastewater Charges

To provide relief and assistance to educational establishments in paying wastewater charges.

Policy on Remission of Rates for Land Occupied by a Dwelling that is Affected by Natural Disaster

The aim of the Policy is to allow the Council to consider remitting rates for those ratepayers most adversely affected by natural disaster.

Policy on Remission of Penalties

The objective of this policy is to enable Council to act fairly and reasonably in its consideration of rates which have not been received by Council by the penalty date due to circumstances outside the ratepayer’s control.

Policy on Remission of Excess Metered Water Rates

To provide relief to ratepayers who have excessive metered water rates for their dwelling, due to a leak in their internal reticulation and to encourage ratepayers to get all leakage repaired promptly

This section contains the Council's policy on remission of rates. This policy is effective from 1 July 2015.