Road Delineation

This page provides details of Tasman District Council's Road Delineation policy and provides maps of different roading areas.

What is Road Delineation?

Road delineation is a term used to describe elements used to provide guidance to road users.  Such elements include road markings, signage and raised pavement markings.

What is it For?

Road Delineation improves road safety - it helps  people choose the appropriate vehicle path and speed, and allows movement on the road to be carried out safely and efficiently. Roads that carry higher traffic volumes generally have a higher level of delineation.

Policy Summary

Tasman District Council's Road Delineation policy provides for a consistent approach that clearly conveys to drivers information about the road and how they are expected to drive.

The following summarises the delineation policy in relation to urban roads and rural, arterial and tourist routes in Tasman District.  

Urban Roads

Urban roads will be treated with centre lines for the arterial and collector roads with local access roads having these in isolated locations such as sharp curves only. Intersection controls are installed on side roads for arterial and collector roads. For local roads, intersection controls will depend on the intersection configuration and safety issues. For example, cross-road intersections will have control on at least two of the legs, which they presently do. Lane lines and park limit lines may be used in certain locations where specific traffic management is required, for example outside a school or shopping precinct.  

Rural, Arterial and Tourist Routes

Roads such as those identified as Rural Arterial or Tourist Routes will be delineated to a high standard as these roads generally carry the higher traffic volumes or in the case of tourist roads are more likely to have the greater numbers of drivers with less confidence driving New Zealand roads. Tourists driving into the district will typically come via the State Highway network which has a high level of delineation. The Council’s Tourist Route standard proposes a similar level to provide consistency for this user group.

For more information about Road Delineation contact the Engineering Services Department, Phone 03 543 8400.