Brightwater Growth Strategy Questionnaire

This page provides growth model maps and a questionnaire to allow residents and other interested parties to give feedback on the future growth planning for Brightwater.

  • Brightwater has a history of growth. While growth has steadied over the last census period, the township is expected to grow over the next 20 years.
  • For next year’s Long Term Plan, an interdepartmental team has been working on a growth model. Some possible options for Brightwater and other settlements have been drawn up.
  • The Potential Growth Areas Map shows possible areas for encouraging future growth and areas where urban growth is discouraged.

Growth Maps

There are four Maps to consider. Each map (except the Access Map) has numbered Development Areas which you can use to indicate where you think development should - or shouldn't - occur.

Online  Form

We would like your opinion on where future residential and business growth should occur:

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