Coastal Occupation Charges - Draft Plan Change

Feedback Closed: 4.30pm, Friday 27 March 2015

This page details the draft changes to the Tasman Resource Management Plan for coastal occupation charges.

The Council sought feedback on the draft plan change in 2015 and it is anticiapted that the plan change will be notified later in 2016.


The Council has considered bringing in charges for people occupying the coastal area. The Council is required by law to consider charging for long-term uses such moorings, jetties and marine farms. Short-term uses like fishing or swimming are not affected. The Council has decided that while, in principle, it is a good idea to charge for private use of the coast, it would be difficult to do so at this point in time and unfair to many users.

Even though the Council has decided not to change the way things are, under the law, the Council is required to change the Tasman Resource Management Plan to include this decision. A plan change has been drafted to do this and feedback on the draft plan change was sought until 27 March 2015.

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Draft Plan Change

The Draft Plan Change proposed a new paragraph in Part III Coastal Marine Area section of the Tasman Resource Management Plan. The paragraph in general states that the Council will not introduce a charging regime at present.

Section 32 Report

The Section 32 evaluation report lists all options considered during the planning process and assesses whether the proposed changes to the Plan are appropriate, effective and efficient, as well as whether the changes are likely to achieve their intended outcomes.  

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More Information

For more information about coastal occupation charges and the draft plan change contact:

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