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Electricity Transmission Discussion Document Feedback

Feedback closed Friday 11 September

Thanks to all those who met, rang or submitted feedback on the electricity transmission discussion document. A copy of the written submissions received can be found below.

The next step is to report back to Council on the feedback and to work through the issues raised. A draft plan change will then be prepared for further public consultation and feedback. Those landowners directly affected will be notified as this work progresses.

Project Background

The Government’s National Policy Statement for Electrical Transmission provides a high-level framework across New Zealand for the management and future planning of the National Grid. We are required to update our local planning rules to comply with the national guidelines and protect the power supply to our communities.

At the same time as updating the planning rules for the National Grid we are looking at whether or not to extend the National Grid rules to the regionally significant high voltage (66,000 V) transmission lines that run between Stoke - Golden Bay and to and from the Cobb dam. The lines provide power to the district north west of Richmond, and include the townships of Motueka, Kaiteriteri and Takaka. These lines are significant because they provide electricity to many of the communities and businesses within Tasman. If something were to happen to these lines, then electricity would be lost to large areas of the District.

A discussion document was released in July 2017 canvasing the major issues with operating and hosting these important lines. Feedback was sought from the community, and most importantly from the hosting landowners, as to the effects introducing new planning rules would have on their use of land.

The next step will be to review the feedback and determine what needs to be done under the national policy statement for electrical transmission. The intention is to work through the issues and release a draft plan change for landowners, lines owners and the communities’ consideration.

Further Information

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact Tania Bray at:

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