Draft Sediment and Erosion Guidelines 

Feedback closes 28 September 2018

In conjunction with the draft land development manual and the proposed Plan change, the Council has  brought the draft 2014 sediment and erosion control guidelines  out for feedback in 2018. Informal feedback was undertaken in 2014  but this draft guide has remained uncompleted.  This proposed feedback will assist in the revision planned for the guide to ensure that it is up to date.  Please note that the guide remains in the 2014 draft form.

This guide with the introduction of the draft land development manual will provide guidance for the construction and building community on good practice for  erosion and sediment control.

This is an opportunity for developers and their advisers to provide feedback on the content of the guidelines and to build knowledge of the Council's preferred good practice for land development, including why it is necessary within the region for improved water quality outcomes.


How to send feedback

You can email your feedback to info@tasman.govt.nz (Attention: Executive Assistant - Engineering)

Paper versions of the feedback form are available at our service centres and libraries.