Help Improve Our Website

Survey Closes 20 Cotober

It’s served us well, but the time has come to redesign our website. We’re looking to make it work far better on mobile devices, improve the search and make it a useful and useable resource that helps you get things done quickly.

We’d love your help

Websites should be for the people who use them most, so we’re asking for your help. Your responses will help us build a site that puts you and what you need to get done at the heart of our online services now and in the future.

It will just take a few minutes and every answer helps us improve.

Become a website tester

Later, as we build the site we’ll need people to help us test the website. We’ll need people with a range of devices, different internet speeds. People who use assistive technology such as screen readers or read-aloud systems are also very welcome. You can sign up as part of the survey.