Mapua Waterfront Options

Feedback closes 14 August 2017

Mapua wharf aerial voew

We're consulting on options for Council-owned land on the Mapua Waterfront. Now is your opportunity to have a look at what is proposed, and let us know which options you prefer.

Mapua has been one of the fastest-growing areas in the District over the past few years and has a bright future - both as a great place to live and as an attractive destination for visitors.  The rapid growth has led to some challenges, however.  We want to make sure Mapua continues to flourish, so some significant pieces of work are underway to meet those challenges.

Development of Mapua's beautiful waterfront area has been carried out in response to demands arising over time. 

It's time to develop a comprehensive strategic vision for the area that will help guide its development and management for years to come.

Current Consultation

An ‘Options for the Future’ document has been developed, which draws on all the information provided through the initial consultation phase. It outlines Council’s proposed options, as well as alternative options and the implications and consequences for each key area within the project scope.

The document focuses on the waterfront area and looks at its use including the wharf area, Waterfront Park, remediated land, Grossi Point, and provision of a boat ramp. Other considerations include parking, lighting and pedestrian safety.


You can access the following documents by clicking on the titles below:

Consultation Timeline


Community Development Committee meeting –

adopt options document for public consultation

6 July 2017

Public Consultation – submissions open for five weeks


Mapua Community Association meeting


In your neighbourhood session – Mapua Precinct

(Wet weather Option – Mapua Town Hall)

8 July – 14 August 2017


Monday - 10 July 2017 (7.00 pm)


Saturday - 29 July 2017

(10.00 am – 12.30 pm)

1-2 days hearings

21 & 22 August 2017


Full Council to adopt Mapua Waterfront Area Master Plan


28 September 2017

Make a Submission

Notes to submitters:

  • The online submission form includes a drop-down list of the options. When submitting please use this drop-down list to select the option(s) you’d like to comment on.
  • Let us know whether you support or oppose the option. Include any comments you wish to make on each option.
  • For all other aspects of the proposed option document you wish to comment on, please select “other comments” from the drop down list. Alternatively, you can attach a file containing your full submission or additional information.
  • Please let us know if you would like to speak to your submission. Hearings are scheduled for late August 2017.