Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual Feedback

Feedback closes 28 September 2018

We are seeking feedback on the draft Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual (NTLDM) and associated practice notes.

At the same time we are consulting on a draft Plan Change to the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP) and the draft Sediment and Erosion Guidelines.

Nelson City Council are also consulting on these changes and a change to the Nelson Resource Management Plan.

Several consultations, single outcome

Due to the nature of these changes there are several legal processes happening at once. This means there are several ways you can send feedback.

All of the feedback will be considered and decisions integrated across all the relevant documents.

Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual (NTLDM)

The new manual will replace the current Nelson City Council Land Development Manual (2010) and the Tasman District Council Engineering Standards (2013).

The draft NTLDM has been structured so as to separate mandatory requirements from good practice. Mandatory requirements are the minimum standards that are required to be achieved for different development activities. For Tasman, some of the mandatory matters are also referenced as rules in the TRMP. The referencing occurs where the standards are necessary to meet TRMP environmental outcomes.

The draft NTLDM:

  • Takes a regional approach to create more efficient processes; and

  • Ensures the quality of assets that vest in Council are of a standard that the community can depend on to provide safe and smart transport, water, wastewater, stormwater, flood protection and reserves and open space; and

  • Provides a means to give effect to our resource management plans to ensure that development results in a healthy environment and resilient community.

Key Documents

Draft Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual

Practice Notes

Land Development Manual - Tasman Resource Management Draft Plan Change

Land Development Manual - Nelson Resource Management Draft Plan Change

Send us your feedback

We prefer online feedback, or you can email your feedback to (Attention: Executive Assistant - Engineering)

Paper versions of the feedback form are available at our service centres and libraries.