Recently Closed Consultations

This section lists consultations that have closed recently. If you have any questions about what happened to a particular consultation, please contact us.

Reducing Waste - How Can We Do Better?

The Nelson City and Tasman District councils are working together to minimise and manage waste in our region. Consultation closed 17 September 2018

Developing an Age-friendly policy

This consultation has closed, but work is ongoing. More consultation will take place later in 2018.

Proposals to classify reserves in Motueka Ward

We're going to classify existing reserves located within Moteuka Ward under the Reserves Act to give them clear purpose. Submissions close on Tuesday 7 August 2018.

Representation Review 2018

Notified resource consent application: Pakawau Community Residents' Association seawall

Submissions Close: 18 June at 4:00pm We have received an application for resource consents from Pakawau Beach Community Association for a proposed seawall at Pakawau Beach esplaande reserve and the adjacent common marine area.

Further Submissions - Proposed Regional Pest Management Plan

Submissions closed.

Seeking Feedback on the Draft Waimea Inlet Action Plan

Feedback closes 9 March 2018

Tasman Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2021 – Mid Term Review

Help us improve road safety. Submissions Close: 4.30 pm Friday 23 February

Draft Parking Strategy – Motueka and Richmond

Submissions Close: Friday 23 February

Draft Plans for Motueka Aerodrome

Consultation on Draft Management and Development Plans for Motueka Aerodrome closes on Wednesday 7 February 2018.

Waimea Community Dam Governance and Funding

Submissions closed. Hearings were held in mid-December.

Proposed Regional Pest Management Plan 2017 - 2027

Submissions closed.

Draft Public Water Supply Bylaw 2018

Proposed changes clearly outline how we intend to address water shortages and disruptions in the future.

Proposed new speed limits - State Highway 60 and local connecting roads

We’re working with the New Zealand Transport Agency to improve safety on and around the Appleby Highway (State Highway 60), from Three Brothers Corner to Maisey Road, by reducing the speed limit to 80kmh. Closed 28 August.

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