Mapua Waterfront Options

Mapua Wharf Aerial Shot

The Mapua Waterfront Area Options Document was publicly notified on 10 July 2017 and open for submissions for a five-week period closing on 14 August 2017.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their feedback, and for those that took time to attend the hearings.


Apologies to anyone who wanted to attend the hearings, but due to timing was unable to. Please note that the Hearing Panel read and considered all submissions.

The Hearing Panel has delayed formal deliberations to allow the Mapua Boat Club to provide them with their business case and financial plan which is due to be submitted to Council by 14 September 2017.  After that date the Hearing Panel intend to undertake a site visit, and then formal deliberations.

It is likely that a decision on the submissions and Mapua Waterfront Plan will not be adopted until the end of the year.

Copies of submissions received

We have had a number of requests for a copy of submissions received.

You can access the documents by clicking on the titles below:

To View all the submissions received.

  • Choose the "Mapua Waterfront Project" consultation. It may take a few seconds to load.
  • You can view "all" submissions, or choose individual topics (which will give all comments from all those that submitted on the topic)
  • In the "summary" column, click on "view" to see the individual submitter's comments. Any attachments will be linked at the bottom of the window
  • You can also search submissions in the "Search Box"

Background Information

The following provides information about the remediation of Mapua Waterfront Park, links to the Options Documents and an area map.



Community Development Committee meeting –

adopt options document for public consultation

6 July 2017


Public Consultation – submissions open for five weeks



Mapua Community Association meeting



In your neighbourhood session – Mapua Precinct

8 July - 14 August 2017



10 July 2017



Saturday 29 July 2017



1-2 days hearings

21 & 22 August 2017



Mapua Boat Club - technical information on boat ramp

14 September 2017

Site Visit and Deliberations


Full Council to adopt Mapua Waterfront Area Master Plan