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Proposed Regional Pest Management Plan

Submissions closed 15 December 2017

Introduced pest animals and pest plants pose major challenges for our region. These pests affect our productive sector and natural ecosystems, destroying the habitat of native birds, animals and insects.

We're seeking your feedback on our proposal to manage pests for the next 10 years.

Update February 2018

Submissions have been collated. Further submissions on the Proposed Plan are now open.

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Purpose of the Plan

The purpose of the Proposed Plan is to provide a framework for efficient and effective management or eradication of specified organisms in the Tasman-Nelson region to:

  • minimise the actual or potential adverse or unintended effects associated with those organisms; and
  • maximise the effectiveness of individual pest management action through a regionally co-ordinated approach.

The focus of the proposed plan is on high-risk pests that are in the early stages of infestation as these make best use of the councils’ limited resources.

In most situations, the occupier is responsible for managing pests on their property. One of the changes in this draft plan is that Council staff will formally take responsibility for controlling two categories of pests (Exclusion Pests and Eradication Pests) as this is the most efficient way to deal with them.

As far as possible the Plan Proposal seeks to:

  • Maintain the current pest management programmes in place under the Regional Pest Management Strategy;
  • Support past investment in pest management by individuals and the community; and
  • Maintain costs at a similar level to existing budgets.

View the Proposed Regional Pest Management Plan

Download the Proposed Regional Pest Management Strategy:

The Proposed Plan can also be viewed at any of the following locations at any time that these places are open to the public:

Key Partners and Legislation

We are fortunate in Nelson-Tasman to have many committed groups involved in managing environmental pests. These range from smaller community groups working along waterways and estuary margins to those involved with innovative projects such as the Brook Sanctuary, Project Janszoon and Project Mohua, the work undertaken by the Department of Conservation staff and their contractors on public land, and groups such as Friends of Flora, Friends of Rotoiti and Friends of Cobb.

The draft Regional Pest Management Plan is designed to support the work of these individuals, organisations, groups and agencies. It’s the only Regional Pest Management Plan that involves two councils working together to provide a better outcome.


Supporting Information

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Submissions open on 4 November, and we need to receive your submission by 4.00pm Friday 15 December 2017.