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Representation Review 2018

We want to hear your views on the proposed Representation Review 2018. 

Have Your Say

Survey results will help us create an initial proposal, which will be publicly notified around mid-2018.

About the Review

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001, all councils have to review their representation arrangements at least once every six years.  This is called the 'Representation Review'.

The Council last reviewed its representation arrangements in 2012, so must now complete a review in time for the 2019 local elections.

Prior to undertaking the representation review, the Council needs to undertake two related processes:

  • review the electoral system to be used; and
  • consider whether to establish a Māori Ward for Tasman District. 

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 Decision on Electoral System (FPP or STV)  By 12 September 2017
 Decision on whether to establish Maori Wards  By 23 November 2017
 “Initial” proposal made  No earlier than 1 March 2018 or by 31 August 2018 if establishing Maori wards
 Submissions close  

Not less than one month after public notice.

If no submissions, proposal becomes “final”
 If submissions – consider and may amend proposal. “Final” proposal publicly notified  Within 6 weeks of closing date for submissions
 Appeals and objections close  Not less than one month after date of public notice. Not later than 20 December 2018
 If no appeals or objections, proposal becomes “final”  Public notice given where no appeals/objections – no fixed date
 If appeals/objections – forward everything to Local Government Commission (LGC )  As soon as practical, but no later than 15 January 2019



Electoral Systems 

On 7 September 2017, Council considered a report on the two electoral systems available for triennial elections, being First Past the Post and Single Transferable Voting.

At this meeting, Council resolved to retain the First Past the Post voting system for the next two triennial elections.

A public notice outlining Council's decision and advising electors of their right to demand a poll was placed in the Council Updates section of local papers and in Newsline.

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Māori Wards 

 Council considered a report on 16 November 2017 on whether or not to establish a Māori Ward for the Tasman District. 

At this meeting Council resolved not to establish a Māori Ward for the 2019 triennial elections, and that it undertake a further round of discussion with iwi on whether to establish a Māori Ward for the 2022 and 2025 triennial elections.

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Representation Review 2018 

During the Representation Review 2018, Council has to decide:

  1. the number of elected members (councillors)**
  2. how these councillors are elected, i.e.
    • by electors of the district as a whole; or
    • by the electors of wards; or
    • a combination of both.

** Section 19V of the Local Electoral Act 2001 requires consideration to be given to fair representation, and that the ratio of population per councillor for each ward (or at large) is within +/-10% of the total population divided by the total number of councillors.

If Council decides to elect members by wards, it must decide:

  • the number of wards; and
  • the ward boundaries; and
  • the names of those wards.

Council also has to decide whether to have community boards, and if so:

  • how many; and
  • their boundaries and membership; and
  • whether to subdivide a community for electoral purposes.

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Information from the previous Representation Review (2012)

The Council’s present representation arrangements consist of 13 councillors plus the Mayor.

The following table outlines the Local Government Commission's determination on Wards, number of councillors and Community Boards.

These representation arrangements applied to the 2013 and 2016 local elections for Tasman District.

WardPopulationMembersPopulation per member

Golden Bay
























Golden Bay Community Board

Area covered by the present Golden Bay Ward boundaries.

Motueka Community Board

Area covered by the present Motueka Ward boundaries.

The Golden Bay and Motueka Community Boards each have have four elected members.


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Have Your Say 

We want to hear your views on the proposed Representation Review 2018. 

Survey results will assist Council in formulating its initial proposal, which will be publicly notified around mid-2018.

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Further Information 

Any queries regarding the Representation Reivew should be directed to:

Sandra Hartley, Policy Officer – Strategic Development, Phone 03 543 8554

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