Submissions Received

This page lists submissions received on various larger consultations.

  • Hearings that have smaller numbers of submissions may be found in agendas in the Council Meetings section.

Large agendas and submission documents can be difficult for some users to navigate, so this tool is provided for assistance.

Waimea Community Dam Submissions Downloads

We received 1515 submissions, and have created a summary report. These documents are now available as downloads.

How to Find a Submission

  • Choose a consultation subject from the drop down list.
  • To browse through submissions page by page, use the numbered links at the bottom of the table.
  • To view submissions on a particular subject, select from the drop-down 'Subject-Filter' list
  • To search for particular topic, type a word in the search box and click the search link.

Note: Full copies of all submissions are available at all Council offices and libraries.