Council Submission on Proposed National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry

In 2015, The Ministry for Primary Industries invited public submissions on a Proposed National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry (NESPF). This page outlines the Council's submission and provides a link to the full document.

About the National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry

If progressed, the NESPF will create new rules regarding plantation forestry that will apply across the country and will replace any similar rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

The Council's Submission

The Council has reviewed the NESPF in light of existing rules in Tasman that affect Plantation Forestry and other land- and river-disturbing activities, as well as the cost and resourcing implications for the Council to implement the NESPF.

The Council's submission can be downloaded below:

In summary, Council's submission opposed the NESPF in its current format due to a number of issues including:

  • the potential for additional costs to council from plan review requirements and permitted activity compliance monitoring,
  • the underlying principles and drivers behind the NESPF in that it is focused soley on plantation forestry, but has the potential to affect other land and river disturbing activities, 
  • concern about the environmental outcomes that may arise from the NESPF and how the rules will relate to requirements under the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management,
  • concern about the accuracy and practical use of the erosion susceptibility and fish spawning assessment tools used in the rules,
  • concern about the permitted rule cascade and use of permitted activity conditions which may not be valid,
  • concern about the wording of some conditions which will make it difficult to determine compliance with the rules.

 If you have any questions on the Council submission please email Environmental Policy Planner Lisa McGlinchey.

Further Information on the NESPF

Information on the NESPF is available on the Ministry for Primary Industries' website at the link below:

The period for submissions closed on 11 August 2015.