Climate Change and Variability Report - 2015

A new climate change and variability report by NIWA has just been released for Tasman District Council. The report describes changes which may occur over the coming century in the climate of the Tasman region, and outlines some of the possible impacts of these changes.

The key points from this report are:

  • New Zealand has warmed by 0.9 +/-0.3 °C since 1909
  • There has been a rise in sea level of around 190 mm, or approximately 1.7 mm/yr since 1900
  • There is an expected temperature increase by mid century of 0.7 to 1 °C, from thosse experienced in the 1900s
  • For those areas presently experiencing drought there is a predicted 5% increase in drought frequency by mid century and 10% by 2090 and 10 mm/yr past 2100
  • The ocean is becoming more acidic as it absorbs CO2
  • There has not been a clear trend for rainfall for Tasman, but there is a predicted increase in rainfall, mostly in winter

A full copy of the report can be downloaded:

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