Aorere Water Management Area

This page contains 2015 State of the Environment Water Quality Report information for the Aorere Water Management Area.


This area covers the whole of the Aorere catchment, Parapara, and north to Puponga and west to Westhaven Inlet south to Kahurangi Point (Figure 1). As of 2015, a ‘Freshwater Management Unit’ (FMU) under the ‘National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management’ has not yet been formally set up for this area. Like the Takaka and Waimea FMU’s that have been operating from 2014, there will be a collaborative governance group from the community tasked with making recommendations for limits on water quality and quantity.

There were five core River Water Quality sites monitored between 2010 and 2014. There was one reference site at the Kaituna River, 500 m up stream of the start of the Track.