Water Resources of the Takaka Water Management Area

This July 2013 report presents an overview of the surface and groundwater resources, both quantity and quality, for the Takaka Water Management Area. It is intended to be a key information source for the community on water resources in the area, covering Takaka and several small coastal catchments in the eastern Golden Bay.

The report includes:

  • Background information on land cover and geology;
  • Data summaries of key surface water resources;
  • Diagrams of interactions between water sources;
  • Descriptions of the main three groundwater aquifers;
  • Data on the current state of water allocation.

This report provides a factual basis for the development of water and catchment policy in relation to the Takaka water management area in the Tasman Resource Management Plan Part V (Water).

Future Steps

The Council intends to present the information in this report via a series of community meetings in Golden Bay later in the year. Following this, the Council will be seeking feedback on key issues for water and catchment management from the community.

A freshwater and land management advisory group is to be established early next year to help the Council in developing key policies for water and catchment management for the area.


More Information

For more information or to purchase a printed copy of the report, contact Joseph Thomas, Water Resource Scientist/Special Projects.