Cost to Council of the Sale of Alcohol - 2015 Report

This report details the income received through fees and the costs to Council in meeting the statutory obligation of providing an alcohol licensing service.

It details the income from fees received, as well as the costs incurred in the performance of the functions of the licensing committee, the functions performed by inspectors, and in undertaking enforcement activities.

The fees are as follows:

  • Total fees received: $197,946.00
  • Fees passed to Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Agency: $ 13,970.00
  • Fees retained by Council: $183,976.00

The costs are as follows:

  • Cost of performance of the District Licensing Committee functions: $101,232.27
  • Cost of performance of inspectors functions: $236,070.58
  • Cost of Undertaking enforcement: $5,179.66
  • Total cost to Council: $342,482.51

View the full report in the agenda for the Environment and Planning Committee's 19 November 2015 meeting.