Pre-Election Report 2013

This page contains the 2013 Pre-Election Report.

About the Report

This report has been prepared to provide information to promote public discussion in the pre-election period about the Council.

It outlines some of the decisions that the new Council will need to consider during its three-year term and contains financial information on Council’s performance over the last three years, as well as forecast information for the next four years.

I have also included a summary of the major projects either underway or proposed to be undertaken by the Council over the next three years. These highlight new service improvements or where changes to service levels are proposed.

The requirement for councils to prepare a Pre-Election Report was part of an amendment made in 2010 to the Local Government Act 2002 and its contents are largely prescribed by that Act. The objective of the change was to enable councils to provide consistent information to the public about the issues facing them.

The Pre-Election Report is required to be prepared by the Chief Executive. The Council is responsible to the community for spending over $100 million per annum, through a mix of operating expenditure and capital works, and manages over $1.3 billion of assets on behalf of residents and ratepayers.

I hope the information in this Pre-Election Report is useful to you.

Lindsay McKenzie, Tasman District Council Chief Executive Officer

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