A strategy is a plan of action for a particular goal - on this page you can review Council strategies for developing the Tasman District.  

Nelson Tasman Regional Arts Strategy

Read the combined Nelson Tasman strategy for developing the arts in the region.

Open Space Strategy 2015-2025

This page provides a brief overview of the Open Space Strategy 2015-20125, and links to the full document.

Regional Land Transport Strategy

Read the Council strategy for managing land in the region.

Regional Economic Development Strategy

Read details of the 2014 Regional Economic Development Strategy

Riparian Land Management Strategy

This Strategy is about improving water quality, aquatic and terrestrial habitat, and public access by getting action on the ground to achieve real benefits.

Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Strategy

Read the combined Tasman Nelson strategy for managing pests across the wider region.

Tourism Strategy

Read the Council strategy for developing tourism within the region.

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