Nelson Tasman Regional Arts Strategy – The Art of Being at the Centre

This page outlines the Tasman District Council's regional arts strategy. Tasman has long been identified as a region of artists and in 2008 a regional arts strategy was produced. The strategy guides the way the arts can contribute to our community and economy.

A brief overview of the strategy is outlined below.

Branding and Identity

Regional Highlights Arts Experience

  • Incorporate information on public art in publications.
  • Ensure awareness of events via support of websites; , publications; Tasman District Summer Events Guide and Newsline.
  • Town centres across the region to showcase art and include opportunities for active participation in the arts. This includes encouraging events and arts via advice and funding support.
  • Tasman District Council to develop internal systems detailing how an arts focus can be incorporated in a broad range of aspects of their work.
  • The Tasman District Council library in Richmond display's local artist work.


  • Support via contestable funding of events and activities that showcase local excellence in the arts. 
  • Co-operation between festivals, arts activities and other events is encouraged, along with centralised listing, to maximise patronage of these activities.
  • Council-funded festivals and events are encouraged to feature local content.
  • Council to work with other funding bodies to develop partnerships to ensure affordability for ratepayers.

Funding Resources

Economic Development

  • Consider public art in Council and other developments.
  • Identitfy the Tasman District as an arts region as part of the District's lifestyle promotion.

Community Participation

  • Provision and support of a range of festivals, events and facilities that encourage celebration and participation in the arts by the wider community.
  • Active participation in the arts is encouraged by a wide range of well promoted and accessible arts activities.
  • Well designed gateways and signage should establish support for the arts attitude from the moment of arrival.
  • Potential for incorporating art programmes as part of the Council's activities with children and youth.

Further Information

For further information contact Mike Tasman-Jones – Community Partnerships Coordinator, Tasman District Council