Waimea Inlet Management Strategy

The Waimea Inlet has changed dramatically over the past 200 years and requires a long term commitment to protect and enhance the inlet by the community and its councils. To guide and facilitate the commitment a management strategy has been drafted.

This strategy brings together the communities of Tasman and Nelson and the many groups who have an interest in, and a commitment to, the Waimea Inlet and its sustainable future. It is an inter-agency strategy that includes the Tasman and Nelson councils, statutory agencies, non-statutory groups and organisations, businesses and residents.

The Waimea Inlet Strategy supports the respective Councils’ Long Term Council Community Plans (LTP). As such, it supports the vision and community-sourced outcome statements of those documents, and it guides the Councils’ decision-making across all departments influencing not only statutory resource management but also provision of infrastructure, services and all areas of council involvement.

Waimea Inlet Strategy - September 2010

The Waimea Inlet in this Strategy is the area inside a line connecting the Tasman Bay shoreline of Mapua, Rabbit Island, and Tahunanui Beach.

Sourced from Land Information New Zealand data.
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