Building and Alteration

This section provides information that will help you through the building consent process, as well as application forms and useful links. If you are planning to build, carry out alterations or renovate your home or business, this is the place to start.

Most building work requires Building Consent. The consent confirms that the proposed work, based on the plans and documentation provided, complies with the New Zealand Building Code. It is needed to ensure that buildings are safe and sanitary, and that occupiers have a means of escape from fire. 

GoShift - Online Application Service

GoShift is an online application portal used across several councils in central New Zealand, with the aim of providing simplicity, consistency and better customer service. Online applications can be saved as you go, and submitted when you are ready.  While it is still possible to submit an application without using the online method, we strongly recommend the online option.

Guide to the Building Consent Process

Please note: We've updated and reorganised this section. If you need assistance to find information, please contact the Duty Building Officer.

Compliance and Regulation

Find out about rules for industrial premises and commercial buildings.

Inspections and Code Compliance

Once you have a building consent and work is underway, inspections ensure work is carried out according to the approved plans.

Earthquake Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy

Read the Council's policy on Earthquake Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings.

Residential Swimming Pools

Check your responsibilities if you have a swimming pool or spa on your property.

Development Contributions

Fees must be paid on any development or subdivision that generates additional demand on services as calculated under the Council's Development Contribution Policy.

Related Information

Below are some useful links to sites dealing with a range of building issues.