How to Present Amended Designs or Specifications

Wednesday 11 February 2015

When the Council receives applications for building consents, the design information has to be reviewed so that it complies with the New Zealand Building code and other regulations.

Most of the time, we find that further information is required - so we'll call or write to you to for further information.

Sometimes when we receive amended drawings or specifications, it's very hard to tell the difference between them. This has a ‘knock-on’ effect of extending the time taken to process the Building Consent application - which is frustrating for all parties concerned.

So to speed things up, if you need to submit amended drawings or specifications:

  1. Include a new version number (or letter) and date, with a brief explanation of what has been changed;
  2. Confirm which elements or details have been changed - circling or highlighting the relevant detail, plan, section, or specification sheet.

So that we are fair to all people applying for building consent, amended drawings or specifications that do not contain the above details will be returned to you or your agent. This will also mean the consent application will be put on hold until the amendments are clearly identified.

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