Inspections Update November 2016

Tuesday 22 November 2016

This update provides various updates dealing with inspections.

Inspection Availability December and January

Inspections are available up to 22 December and will resume on the 5 January 2017. No inspections will be available between this period.

It is also important to know the official processing clock we adhere to will be stopped on 20 December and will not start until the 10 January 2017.

Supporting Kaikoura

We have offered assistance following the earthquake. We have two Inspectors on standby for deployment. If our assistance is needed Inspection bookings will be limited.

Text Confirmation for Final Inspections

From 1 December 2016 we will be confirming your final inspection booking through text message.

“Final Inspection for (number and address) is booked for (date and AM/PM). If you require any changes, please call 03 5438400.”

The Inspector completing the Final Inspection will still confirm approximate time by calling the night before.

If they are unable to contact you, they will leave a voice message or send another text.

Minor and Formal Amendments

We have refined our process regarding minor and formal amendments. Minor variations came into force February 2010 and are covered in Section 45a of NZBA04.

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) also brought a guide out at the same time and the procedure is based around this.

Once a building consent is issued and a change to the approved plans is found on site by the inspector, the first decision to make is what type of amendment is it?

  • Minor Variation: To be dealt with by the inspector.
  • Major Variation: Required to be formal, applied for back through the process system.

This is to be recorded at the time on the inspection sheet, the decision and reason why only minor change and how it will still comply with the Building Code.